The CLEO Institute launches Public Service Announcement in collaboration with award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Landsberg

The CLEO Institute is proud to announce the launch of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video that was made in collaboration with Award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Landsberg from Unicorn Fire Studios. Titled “Meet the Inheritors of Climate Change”, this video was produced with the hope of engaging parents from all over the world, despite their political or religion beliefs, to protect their children’s current—and future—climate reality, just like millions of parents did 49 years ago, on the first Earth Day celebration.

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Natalia Ortiz
Nobel and Tyler Prize Climatologist and Geophysicist Winner, Michael E. Mann, Available for Interviews during CLEO’s Annual Climate Symposium in celebration of Earth Day

The CLEO Institute, in partnership with Florida International University Sea Level Solutions Center, is pleased to host its ninth annual 2019 ‘Empowering Capable Climate Communicators’ Symposium. Expert panels will range in topics from public health, social justice, natural environment, resilience, economy and beyond.

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