Listening Session: July 26, 2018

  • The listening session was held at the JFK Library in Hialeah. This listening session was led by CLEO as well as two community organizers and partners, Salome Garcia and David Riera. The idea was to start a conversation around 4 climate change topics: heat and health, climate, flooding and emergency preparedness. This event highlighted that Hialeans are very interested in learning more about climate issues, and definitely see a need for improvement on topics that are directly linked to climate change impacts. There is a drive to be more involved in their community and to help improve education and resilience within the community. All those present expressed interested in knowing more and participating in the next climate workshop, as well as partnering with CLEO to expand efforts in Hialeah

Climate Workshop: August 9, 2018

  • On august 9th, CLEO held a community workshop to discuss the impacts of climate change and help participants understand the urgency of taking action. Joining our conversation was Ariel Rodriguez, meteorologist from Telemundo 51 and Henry Briceno, professor at FIU's Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment and Southeast Environmental Research Center. Between the three presenters, many topics were discussed: such as the difference between climate and weather; climate change impacts on health, economy and Florida's environment; salt water intrusion; heat and health and so on. 

Climate Town Hall: August 25, 2018