2018 will be the Year of the

Climate-Conscious Voter

Exercise Your Power 

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CLEO is partnering with The League of Women Voters Miami-Dade County to help connect the dots between climate change and voting! We can try to lower our carbon footprint as individuals, but until our elected officials make climate change mitigation and adaptation a priority in Florida, we're not going to have real impact.  2018 is a big election year for Florida- let's get the candidates to understand climate change is a top issue for Floridians!

Visit The League of Women Voters Miami-Dade for voting information!

The Issues

Top issues identified by voters:

  • National Security & Terrorism
  • Economy & Jobs
  • Immigration
  • Healthcare
  • Crime & Public Safety

All of these issues are connected to climate change & will be exacerbated as Earth continues to get hotter.  Through our science education trainings we will be focused on getting people to understand how these issues are all connected & why climate change has to be recognized as a serious threat to Florida by all our 2018 candidates.

Mobilizing GenCLEO 


We need your help to make this climate-conscious voting initiative successful! Become part of GenCLEO and receive alerts on our climate trainings/ forums, opportunities to engage with elected officials, volunteer at our climate rallies, and  receive our newsletter with important updates on scientific data and policies that impact climate change!

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Renewable Energies


CLEO will be focusing on renewable energies for 2018! Through the Miami Climate Alliance, we  have asked the County to negotiate an enforceable agreement with FPL that will support economic growth and improve the quality of life in Miami-Dade. We are asking for strong consumer protections, expanded renewable energy production and increased spending to help the most vulnerable Miami-Dade citizens reduce their energy use.  Florida is the largest state with the greatest potential solar energy market in the Southeastern United States.