Dear Florida Elected Leaders:

Now more than ever Florida needs to act on climate change. Understanding the economic and social impacts that Florida is facing, we are one of the most vulnerable states to climate change impact, we need our elected leaders to do more.  2016 was the hottest year on record and 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has been one of the most active seasons on record. With sea level on the rise, and climate equity issues at play, we ask you to make your voices heard and support:

  • Reducing our carbon emissions
  • Supporting renewable energies
  • Opposing offshore drilling in Florida

We need you, ALL, our elected officials across Florida, to stand strongly with our grassroots organizations, our business and science leaders, as well as with other states that are doing their part to help mitigate and adapt to this climate crisis.

Thus, we call on Florida elected leaders at all levels: city, county and state


Please add your name to the growing list of Florida Elected leaders who are climate engaged and understand that, without global effort and American leadership, our vulnerability increases each day.

Through 2017, the CLEO Institute, the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Voces Verdes, The Miami Climate Alliance, and scores of partner organizations and groups across Florida will call press conferences, issue press releases, utilize social media platforms, and activate our extensive networks, to let Florida’s citizenry know who among our elected representatives agrees we cannot simply “adapt” to each and every climate disruption.

We know many of you actively support efforts to limit exploration, reduce use of oil, coal and gas, and support the growth of clean energy sources and technology. We applaud you.

PLEASE SIGN ON TODAY so that our extensive statewide networks can celebrate you. Show your support and help Florida become a climate-conscious state!

Thank you,

Caroline Lewis                                                                                             

Executive Director – The CLEO Institute

Adrianna Quintero

Director of Partner Engagement – NRDC