Join us and become part of the solution to the climate crisis. 


Whether you are a resident wanting to learn more about climate change’s effect on communities, a governmental official preparing for disruptions to municipal infrastructure, a teacher wanting to bring climate science into the classroom, or a student responding to the urgency of the matter:


Together we can make Florida climate-literate, change our policies and save our state – US’s tropical paradise. Florida will be an example of what happens when we educate communities at a grassroots level.  Education is power, and CLEO is leading the fight in Florida.

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School Chapters- CLEO is developing chapters in high schools throughout South Florida.  We currently have chapters at:

  • The Cushman School
  • Coral Gables Senior High

  • Palmer Trinity High School

  • Palmetto High School

  • Ransom Everglades High School

If you would like to open a chapter, email us at with the headline: High School GENCLEO Chapter Request


Teachers Network- We educate teachers and school administrators to effectively implement Climate Across the Curriculum in their schools.  To join our teachers network and receive our monthly newsletter click here.

CLEO Speakers Network- Build your knowledge of climate science and the capacity to effectively communicate the urgency to different audiences. Help us expand our climate education efforts. There are two ways to join:

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  • CLEO Climate Speakers Cohort: We need advocates for climate change!  CLEO will build your knowledge of climate science, the seriousness, and solutions, so that you can effectively communicate the climate change information as a CLEO-certified climate speaker.  We provide members with resources and coaching from scientists to help develop your presentation.  Click here to join!
  • Climate Conversation Club:  As a member of the club you will receive monthly e-newsletters with current information about climate change that will help you spark conversations among family and friends. You will also be invited to special forums featuring experts and CLEO partners where you will continue to learn about current climate issues.  Click here to sign up for our newsletter!

GenCLEO Climate Literacy Education-  Through our trainings, town halls, forums, and climate interactive workshops we aim to educate the public on the climate science, seriousness, and solutions to build an informed and engaged public that will demand climate action.

Community Outreach:

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  • Under-resourced communities: CLEO conducts listening sessions with local community leaders and engaged activists to understand their concerns.  Then, we facilitate a Climate Change 101 workshop to help people connect the dots between climate change and the impacts they are experiencing. Lastly, the community drafts an agenda and CLEO convenes a forum or town hall with residents, City and County staff, scientists, and local business leaders to discuss concerns and solutions.
  • Neighborhood civic associations: CLEO conducts Climate Change 101 trainings at homeowner and civic associations to inform residents on the science, seriousness, and solutions facing South Florida.    

  • Faith-based groups: CLEO works with faith-based groups by conducting listening sessions and Climate Change 101 trainings that address the concerns of the community to help connect the dots between climate change and climate equity issues.     

To request a training in your community, email: with the title: CC101 Community Request

Business Partnerships-  We partner with businesses across South Florida to advance their climate action by promoting their sustainability efforts at our trainings and educating their employees. For more information on how you can become a business partner, email: with the headline: Business Partnerships Request 

Municipal and Mayor’s Roundtable Partnerships:  We convene an annual roundtable where government officials share climate resiliency efforts and ideas in their cities and communities.  We also provide climate literacy training workshops to municipalities across South Florida.  For more information on municipality trainings or to join our mayor's roundtable email: with the headline: Municipal/ Mayors Roundtable Request 

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