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Empowering Resilient Women

The CLEO Institute created ‘Empowering Resilient Women, The Power of WE’ – a program for women and adolescent girls to connect the dots between climate change, health risks, economy, emergency preparedness, and civic engagement.

Women, who in most cases are first responders in crises or decision-makers at home, are more likely than men to be affected by the changing climate. Studies show that women and girls are 14 times more likely than men to die during a disaster and extreme weather events. These gender differences are directly linked to women’s economic and social rights.   However, women and girls are pivotal to addressing this issue successfully. As bread-winners, care givers, and community builders we can be great agents of change.  The opportunity lies in empowering women and girls to be more resilient and provide tools and resources to strengthen their leadership in their communities. 

Our next cohort will be in held in Overtown at the YWCA:

Greater Miami-Dade, Inc. Marta Sutton Weeks Women's Center: 
351 NW 5th St, 33128

-May 2nd: We Learn
-May 16th: We Prepare
-May 30th: We Act
-June 13th: We Lead


Together -WE Learn - WE Prepare - WE Act - WE Lead- Workshop Series

Each session is a 2 hour workshop that includes subject matter experts and guest speakers to facilitate meaningful discussions and interaction.

  1. WE Learn: Connect the dots between climate change and how it impacts extreme weather events, public health (i.e. asthma, Zika and pregnancy risks, heat stroke, etc.), sea level rise, flooding and our freshwater supply.

  2. WE Prepare: Emergency preparedness for extreme weather events (i.e. heat waves, hurricanes) with the County’s Emergency Management Office. Readiness kits with solar lamps and guides will be distributed to all participants. Learn the basics of personal finance and how to plan your household budget ahead of these events.

  3. WE Act: Civic engagement workshop. Learn how the government works at city, state and federal level. Know your rights and civic duties.

  4. WE Lead: Leadership skills and mentorship workshop to empower the next generation of leaders. Expose participants to climate jobs and industries such as environmental conservation, STEM, policy, and nonprofit work.

Partners for the workshop include:

  • City of Miami Offices of Resilience, NET and Emergency Management

  • League of Women Voters Miami-Dade Chapter

  • The Women’s Fund Miami

  • Urban Impact Lab

  • Local high schools, churches, libraries, and community-based organizations


Learn how to prepare for hurricanes and other extreme weather events and how to make change in your community with the power of WE!  

You can read the summaries of our past workshops below:



Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about climate change and how it directly impacts me and my community. The workshops were very insightful and I learned how even little changes, like a decision to consume less plastic products, can create a drastic impression on the environment. - Christina Cloke

Learning about climate change and how it impacts my daily life, I feel empowered to be an advocate for my environment. I learned about an easy and resourceful way to use my power of voice to reach my local and state representatives. Thank you for this wonderful workshop! - Tanya Quiroz

I find it interesting and helpful to see the power of engaging women, and connecting to their concern for the health and economic outlook for their families. These seem to be important lead-in nexus points for engagement to broader issues that impact women’s main desire: their ability to care for and provide for their families. — Charisse Grant

The Empowering Resilient Women workshop series helped me acquire the knowledge and skills to develop a better understanding of the direct impact climate change has on my life. The first workshop “WE Learn” helped me to make meaningful connections between climate change and the impact it has not only on my personal life but also on communities. In the second workshop “WE Prepare,” I learned the importance of preparedness education for disaster and emergency to develop a survival plan involving the basics of personal finance to be more resilient to extreme weather. The other two workshops “WE Act” and WE Lead” taught me the importance of taking action in my own life and community to make a difference in the lives of others. –Judith Richards 

The Empowering Resilient Women programming is vital for creating a smaller network for those in the neighborhood. The information shared during the meetings were useful to sustaining the environment, understanding resources, and understanding the plight of one another. When women and girls are strong, inherently, the community and families will be stronger. –LaCriscia Fowlkes 

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