Climate Speakers in Action


“I covered an introduction to climate change with the 6th-8th graders from the Metropolitan International School in Wynwood. My presentation covered the basics of the greenhouse effects and what gases contribute to it, how those gases are correlated with our temperature, the main emitters of greenhouse gases, how the rise in temperature will affect sea level, what the rise in sea level means for us in Miami, and what students can do to take action and get involved, using Greta Thunberg as a role model.”

-Mikey Adams, CSN 2013 Graduate


Matt is a native South Floridian, scuba diver, avid hunter, and outdoorsman. He has always had an appreciation and respect for the environment. His passion led him to learning about how nature was being negatively impacted by climate change. After listening to a CLEO lecture, he signed up for CLEO’s Speakers Network.

Matt was invited to speak to graduating students at his alma mater, the University of Central Florida’s College of Business. He delivered informed presentation about the business opportunities of eco-conscious practices. 

“I encourage anyone that has a desire to change the world for the better to get involved. CLEO Speakers Network honed my knowledge on issues and [taught me how to] better deliver more precise messages.”

-Matthew Ayala, CSN 2018 Graduate


Dr. Ortiz works with the Global Oncology Medical Team at Bayer Pharma.  After attending numerous CLEO lectures, he was inspired to become a CLEO Climate Speaker.  He joined our June 2019 CLEO Speakers Network and provided a Climate 101 for his Global Oncology Medical Team on July 24 at Bayer’s HQ in New Jersey. Twenty people were present for the lecture, including other doctors. Some in attendance joined via video conference from other parts of the world, as well.  Attendees noted that the biggest takeaway from the presentation was the urgency within the climate crisis. Most of the attendees did not realize the extent and depth of climate impacts.
-Dr. Jorge Alberto Ortiz, CSN 2019 Graduate

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Ellen retired in August 2018 after a successful 38 year career as a Certified Financial Planner practitioner. With 25 years of National Park Service as a volunteer Everglades interpretive ranger, Ellen also holds the UF/IFAS Master Naturalist certificate. She graduated from the Climate Speakers Network in the Fall of 2018. Following her training, Ellen taught 3 multi-week sessions of Climate Conversations through the University of Miami's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, reaching about 33 older adult learners.  This established a precedent for climate education at the university.  She also conducted a three hour program at Temple Beth Or for temple members and community members, that included Ron Magill and Daniella Levine Cava. Ellen has recently relocated to Gainesville and intends to continue her climate change education efforts and collaborations with CLEO.
-Ellen Siegel, CSN 2018 Graduate


”I gave my first presentation last week to a group of 40 business people at the Venture Cafe and it went super well. Part of the success and feedback that I received from my presentation was that I wove in several ideas around the psychology of climate change as well as a variety of action steps that people can take - from “Gateway Actions”, to local steps, to more advanced topics such as advocating for HR 763. Finally, I’ve been working on a super cool collaboration with a friend who has a local digital agency to develop an amazing climate change program using a mixed reality headset.”
-Fernando Migliassi, CSN 2019 graduate


“My first experience with CLEO was a Climate Change 101 that Caroline Lewis gave at The Cushman School in 2017. I studied environmental science in undergrad and did relevant work abroad years ago, but had since drifted away from it because of “life”. I wanted to do more. After the workshop, I talked to Caroline and she told me to look into the CLEO’s Speakers Network. Ultimately I didn’t get certified in that cohort.Between cohorts I volunteered at some CLEO events and when the next cohort came around, I made it a priority. I was inspired as I watched others present and had l fun as I built my presentation! I got certified and I wanted to do more. I didn’t know then what was in store for me.

I volunteered at the Annual Gala and the Empowering Capable Climate Change Communicators symposium and eventually was asked if I wanted to help with mentoring speakers in the network. I was thrilled and mentored speakers outside of work. When the Program Manager position became available, I jumped at the opportunity and the rest is history. CLEO is all about providing leadership and engagement opportunities to the community and that is exactly what happened with me. Now, my job is to make sure everyone in our community can be a leader too.”
-Natalie Rivas, Program Manager at The CLEO Institute, CSN 2018 Graduate