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The Climate Design Lab

In collaboration with the Van Alen Institute, CLEO helped carry out the Climate Design Lab in July, 2018. This program is part of Van Alen Institute’s Keeping Current, a series of open design competitions inviting interdisciplinary teams to develop solutions and ideas using the lenses of economy, ecology, and equity to adapt to sea level rise.

This three-week program invited 16 high school students to learn about the role innovative design can play in addressing sea level rise in the Miami region and beyond. This included:

  • Learning about the science, impacts and solutions of climate change and sea level rise to your own community

  • Understanding how to apply critical thinking skills in design for problem solving

  • Producing an innovative and forward-looking solution to climate change and sea level rise to be featured at the 2019 Keeping Current exhibition

  • Having the opportunity to develop a design solution to be featured at the 2019 Miami-Dade School District Science Fair.

    Students heard from experts across the fields of climate science, resilience, design, communication, and research who provided a baseline knowledge of climate science, seriousness and solutions. Together with their Lab mates, students work in groups to identify adaptation measures and solutions to address pressing problems related to sea level rise in a specific community in the city of Miami.

  • Click here to see last year’s syllabus.