CLEO Hosts 3rd Climate Across the Curriculum Training

January 30, 2016: In partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, CLEO offered its third Climate Across the Curriculum workshop for educators across disciplines and grade levels on Saturday, January 30th at the University of Miami. In addition to receiving CC101 training, teachers also heard from climate research and education specialists: Lauren Barth-Cohen from the University of Miami School of Education, Dr. Jack Parker, Florida International University; Dr. Ben Kirtman, University of Miami School of Marine & Atmospheric Science, and Amy Leonard, Biology teacher at Miami Palmetto Sr. High and CLEO Youth Task Force advisor. Furthermore, teachers enjoyed brainstorming sessions that allowed them to create strategies to address climate issues and to explore community partners to scale these efforts in their schools and classrooms. Attending the Climate across the Curriculum workshop was incredibly beneficial.  As an AP Environmental Science teacher, I felt that I left the workshop more informed on the true science of the issues.  Having university faculty and leading scientists in the field present their most recent research was highly stimulating.”