WE Act: Empowering Resilient Women and Girls

On Tuesday, September 18th, we met at Williams Park for our third in a series of 4 workshops for the Overtown Empowering Resilient Women and Girls program. The first workshop, We Learn, explored how climate change impacts us individually and collectively as a community. The second workshop, We Prepare, looked at emergency preparedness from apractical and financial point of view. And in this third workshop, We Act, we took a look at the importance of civic engagement and why it’s so important to vote. 

Natalia kicked off the evening with a recap from the first climate change presentation which looked not only at the causes and impacts, but also addressed concrete, immediate solutions that can be implemented rather easily. 

We had 2 other featured speakers: 

Marta Viciedo from Urban Impact Lab, who discussed civic engagement, helping the audience to understand how our government works at different levels, how we can reach out and make our voices heard, and why it is important to vote. The vo­­ter turnout is very low in Miami Dade County, and we need to encourage people to register and exercise their right to vote, in order to increase engagement. 

Marisol Zenteno, from the League of Women Voters, expressed how imperative the upcoming election is, and she went through the constitutional amendments that will be on the November ballot. Reminding us that this will be a long ballot, with lots to vote on. She encouraged the women to do their research and use the tools available to them to further understand what they will be voting on. One of those tools is https://www.vote411.org. Diane Lockwood, also from the League of Women Voters, did a brief presentation on the history of voting in US, focusing on women in particular.

Our last workshop, WE Lead, will be held October 16th. We will focus on women empowerment and have a discussion with women in the community who are actively pursuing careers that are having a positive impact on the environment.