Climate 101 for Booker T Washington High Schoolers

On September 12th, the CLEO Institute was invited to present to high school students at Booker T Washington High School. We had the privilege of speaking with over 150 students, explaining to them the causes, the impacts and the solutions to the climate change crisis. We also invited as guest speakers: Zorran Brown, who owns his own worm composting business and operation; as well as Keon Williams, the Assistant Director at Urban Philanthropies. Both guest speakers had the opportunity to speak with the students about the work they do in the community.

CLEO’s Director of Development, Natalia Ortiz, gave the presentation on climate change. She was followed by Zorran Brown, who spoke about the science behind composting, how it can help reduce the impacts of climate change and prevent food waste. Finally, Keon Williams talked about the amazing project being launched in Overtown, called The Urban. He highlighted how the project will create an urban space where arts, music, crafts and food will come together and offer residents a safe and diverse place to come together.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with the students and reach a younger audience. They are after all the future of South Florida and we need them to mobilize as well to help protect and safeguard Florida against the impacts of climate change.