WE Learn: Empowering Resilient Women & Girls

On Tuesday, July 24th, we met at Williams Park for our first in a series of 4 workshops for the Overtown Empowering Resilient Women and Girls program. The first workshop, We Learn, explored how climate change impacts us individually and collectively as a community. 

Olivia and Natalia kicked off the evening with a thought-provoking climate change 101 presentation which looked not only at the causes, and impacts, but also addressed concrete, immediate solutions that can be implemented rather easily. 

We had also 3 featured speakers: 

Dr. Cheryl Holder, who brought with her some of her student interns, discussed climate change as a potential public health crisis. She shared some relevant case studies and explained how asthma and other respiratory issues have increased right here in Miami as result of climate change. Equally concerning, she brought up the correlation between increased rates of domestic violence as the temperatures increase, also a result of climate change. 

Dr. Carissa Caban is a psychiatrist with a lot of field experience; recently doing extensive work with survivors in Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria. She spoke about the implications of climate change in our communities as well as the importance of relationship building between neighbors as a way to encourage survival and mental health resilience after a storm. 

Marisol Zenteno, from the League of Women Voters, expressed how imperative the upcoming election is, and how our vote is truly one of the best ways to ensure our individual and collective voices are heard. She also discussed the importance of holding our elected officials responsible and accountable for the decisions they make on our behalf. 

Attendees expressed their interest in becoming part of the solution and are looking forward to the remaining workshops in the series.