Hialeah Community Forum

On August 25th, CLEO held a community forum to follow up from the community workshop. Invited guests were Aimee Bojorquez from Miami Dade County's Office of Emergency Management; James Murley from Miami Dade County's Office of Resilience; and David Riera, a local teacher, activist, student and environmental steward. The main topics discussed were emergency preparedness and what that looks like for different communities; how the Office of Resilience is helping the county to be more prepared for the expected changes from climate change; and what the community's role is in all this.

One of the main takeaways from the audience was that preparation meant much more than having supplies and a plan. It also means getting to know your neighbors; becoming a more active community member; and creating those relationships in the community to ensure resilience at all levels. We has a full house for this event and once again, the public library  proved to be a great venue to welcome our guests, and share with them our knowledge and answer questions.