Allapattah Community Climate Workshop

On March 22nd, CLEO hosted a community climate workshop at the Allapattah Branch Library as part of the Creating Climate Connections outreach program. This event was a follow-up to the initial Leaders’ Listening Session held on March 8th, designed to help identify concerns and questions from the community in the context of climate change. The core concerns identified at the listening session were engagement, messaging, communication and youth empowerment.

The climate workshop addressed these issues and also covered everything from health impacts to economic impacts; the science behind climate change; and the solutions. We also had a guest speaker from Allapattah, Caron Pascual, a resident and environmental engineering student from Miami Dade College. She shared her story and her concerns related to climate change. She also explained how she takes action to help her community. Caron’s content was a great addition to the conversation and highlighted how youth are taking action.

The main takeaways from the evening were that citizens need to become engaged individually, but also collectively, to start bringing more awareness to these issues and help build community resilience. Based on the feedback from the surveys, health was a common concern for many of the participants, especially after the links between climate change and health were clarified during the workshop. People connected the dots quickly.

Participants expressed concern over the current and projected impacts of climate change as several of them were not aware of the urgency of needing to take action and demand change from our local and state government. The meeting ended on a positive note, with a call to action to have all those present join CLEO’s movement and continue to speak for the community of Allapattah. Many expressed interest in attending the town hall on April 7th, the follow-up to the workshop, where they will have an opportunity to talk directly with city and county officials, scientists and elected officials.

Citizen engagement builds resilience.