March 2018 GenCLEO Meet-up

March 20th, CLEO hosted 20 members of its GenCLEO group. Among our participants were entrepreneurs, high school students, college students, organizers, concerned citizens and future climate speakers!


More than half the group signed up to become volunteers for the Florida Climate Pledge, an initiative spearheaded by CLEO and several partner organizations to get citizens across Florida to take climate action and demand climate action from their elected officials.


Nearly half of our attendees also signed up to become trained climate speakers through CLEO! We will hold our next climate speakers network meeting on April 30th, where we will offer an orientation as well as an overview of what it means to be a climate speaker.


Ugo Angeletti, a high school student from South Miami presented his great composting program called Back2Earth where he encourages people to reduce their greenhouse gases by composting! And BITL’s Linda Cheung presented her own projects such as the World Energy Game, designed for high school students and the Miami Hacks Climate Change Hackathon in April.


The meeting was a huge success with many of our supporters getting inspired and motivated to help spread the word about climate change and taking climate action. Join us!