Empowering Capable Climate Communicators- Day 2 Solutions

Day 2 of our annual Empower Capable Climate Communicators with the University of Miami at The Cox Science Center.

The importance of developing the equity / justice lens in climate resilience: 
Caroline Lewis and Cathleen Kelly

Effective climate policy: local, regional, and state solutions:
Mayor Cindy Lerner, Salome Garcia, Julie Dick and Aliki Moncrief

Renewable Energy: solving the climate crisis:
Susan Glickman, Jody Finver, Rudi Navarra and Raul Vergara

Climate Solutions: What can I do? What can I support?
Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Dr. William Drennan, Maribel Babin, Jane Gilbert and Jack Parker

Engaging the Disengaged: Strategies that Work: 
Rebecca Pelham, Caroline Lewis, karina Castillo, Kim Ross and Delaney Reynolds.

Both days of the symposium were very successful. We counted nearly 200 attendees for the entire event!