Keeping Current: A Sea Level Rise Challenge for Greater Miami

CLEO joins the Van Alen Institute and others for a special brainstorming sessions on resilience design solutions!

On November 16th, 2017, the Van Alen Institute hosted a one-day research summit to start the conversation on resilient design solutions in coastal and inland areas. Present at the event was an interdisciplinary research team of academics from local universities, all of whom are helping shape the guidelines for the project. CLEO’s executive director, Caroline Lewis, was invited to speak at the event, narrowing in on how to make climate science accessible, through education and engagement. This was a wonderful opportunity to discuss CLEO’s initiatives and programs, all of which help citizens connect the dots on climate change.

Keeping Current: A Sea-Level Rise Challenge for Greater Miami is a series of three design challenges seeking innovative solutions to protect South Florida’s 6 million residents from the potential catastrophic consequences of sea level rise. Van Alen Institute plans to invite interdisciplinary design teams to propose implementable and replicable solutions for three sea-level rise challenges that also address regional issues of economy, ecology and equity. Through an inclusive and community-engaged design process, the project will bring together numerous stakeholders to raise awareness and increase exchange of information between communities, businesses, and governments. To learn more please click here.

2017Natalia Ortiz