Food and Water Vulnerability Forum

July 27, 2017: As part of Venture Cafe's Thursday Gathering series, The CLEO Institute convened a Food and Water Forum for over 30 guests on July 27. The interactive panel discussion focused on how the effects of climate change will impact our food and water supply. The attendees heard from three guest panelists: Dr. Virginia Walsh from Miami Dade County Water and Sewer, Yashi Dadhich, a Masters student at Harvard University, and Lela Schlenker, a PhD student at University of Miami. Lela spoke on the impacts of fossil fuel extraction on our fish supply while Yashi presented on the impacts climate change will have on our food supply, such as increased vulnerability and malnourishment in various places around the world. Dr. Walsh gave the crowd an update on Miami Dade County's efforts to keep our drinking water clean and safe.