CLEO Speakers Network

The goal of the CLEO Speakers Network (CSN) is to build individuals’ speaking capacity to simplify climate science, its seriousness and solutions for the general public. The CSN provides participants training and support. They use credible science to shape their own climate messages and take on as much or as little content as they wish when designing the scope of the presentation they plan to make.


CLEO connects participants with a coach that helps them tailor CLEO’s PowerPoint deck into their own presentation:

Step 1 – Students attends a mandatory climate change training with the coach and are provided with all the materials to start developing their own presentation.

Step 2 – A virtual meeting is set up for the students, giving them an opportunity to ask questions and discuss their work with the coach.

Step 3 – Speakers do a practice run with coach.

Step 4 – Speakers make final presentation to CLEO staff to obtain certification.


Registration for the first 2019 cohort will open in January, and program will begin in February. Sign up below if you want to receive updates and sign up information.