CLEO Speakers Network

The goal of the CLEO Speakers Network (CSN) is to build individuals’ speaking capacity to simplify climate science, its seriousness and solutions for the general public. The CSN provides participants training and support. They use credible science to shape their own climate messages and take on as much or as little content as they wish when designing the scope of the presentation they plan to make.

Registration for Cohort 3 is now closed. The next cohort will start again in February 2020. Dates are to be determined. Complete the General Sign Up below to stay in the loop. We look forward to working with you!

Only 30 applications can be accepted for each cohort. You will be contacted shortly after registration ends to find out if you are in the cohort, or on the wait list.

The CLEO Speakers Network Cohort 3 (and last of 2019!) meet-ups will be held in September and October of 2019:
**Please note that the first meeting is mandatory in order to complete the program.  

Meeting #1 in-person: September 10
Meeting #2 virtual: September 24
Certification date 1: October 8
Certification date 2: October 15
Certification date 3: October 29

1. First Meetup: Watch a climate change 101 presentation from beginning to end, to understand how to communicate your message and get information on the the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change. Receive all materials you need to start your presentation. 

2. Virtual Meetup: Use this opportunity to ask questions to the coach and program manager in order to fine tune your presentation and the content. 

3. Certification: Present your final 15 minute presentation with PowerPoint to CSN coach and CLEO staff to receive your certification.

The first meeting will be held from 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM at CLEO's office:

2103 Coral Way, 2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33145

**If you cannot attend the first mandatory meetup or the certification dates, we kindly ask that you please leave your seat for another student. Given that there are only a few meetups for each cohort, we require that students make themselves available on those dates.

Stay tuned for CLEO Speakers Network 2020 

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“I really appreciate the support that I received from the CLEO team - both for the confidence they instilled in me and the comfort to customize my presentation for my target audience.”

“The program concept is awesome. It inspires and encourages learning. I enjoyed listening to other presentations and would be happy to volunteer watching future graduates. Ideally, I hope CLEO considers me as someone that can speak on their behalf in the future.”

“I really liked the layout of the presentation and the ability to see how different people adapted the presentation to their own perspectives. I look forward to applying the skills I learned to my educational programs. I really think this will improve my future presentations.”

“Climate change may be the most concerning and troubling issue of our lifetime. The projections are frightening and CLEO is on the front lines of tackling this issue, talking about the reality and speaking based on agreed upon scientific facts. CLEO'S outreach into the community to make us knowledgeable speakers on this important subject is a smart and efficient way to spread this information. The program was well-organized, interesting and made valuable use of the time contributed. With respect to climate change, as a result of the program, I am better informed, more articulate, connected and engaged. I highly recommend this program to anyone who cares about the future of our planet.”

“When Natalia [Ortiz] came to our office and shared CLEO’s presentation for the first time with our Environmental Impact Team, it was truly impactful. I immediately wanted to join the Speakers Network and bring this education to my team. CLEO provided me the tools to help convey the science and use my voice to educate others. This presentation is the foundation for a new training program I am helping to develop at my company!”

“I appreciated the presentation deck, the knowledge and passion of the coaches, and meeting my fellow new speakers.”

“I wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to the entire team at CLEO. Your programs, trainings, and events were so instrumental in inspiring me and helping me to make this shift. Thank you all for believing that everybody and anybody can make a difference and can take action on climate - that belief has meant so much to me.” 

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