The CLEO Institute is an official partner of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. With Miami-Dade on the frontlines of climate impacts because of sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and more, climate education is integral to our resilience. Our Climate Resilient Schools program will support climate literacy through a variety of initiatives listed below.

CLEO has already providing climate lectures in Palmetto Senior High, Coral Gables Senior High, Miami Springs Senior High, MAST Academy, North Western Senior High, and is continuing to secure climate lectures in schools across Miami-Dade county. We will be launching our Climate Leadership Information Project (CLIP) in January 2020 and are currently securing teacher sponsor this club. Click below to request a lecture for your class!


Through Climate 101 Lectures, The CLEO Institute provides students with basic knowledge of climate change. We aim to train and engage students on the climate crisis to empower them to advocate for a resilient future. Our lecture covers:

  • Climate science, Earth’s vital signs

  • Impacts in Florida and beyond

  • The urgency for climate action

  • Solutions on all levels

Starting in January of 2020, The CLEO Institute will introduce a series of robust climate and resilience modules in line with the newly released Resilient 305 strategic recommendation for science teachers, meeting Florida standards of learning. We also advocate for schools to become Green Apple certified through Dream In Green, recognizing schools that make a commitment to our environment.  At these lectures, students will be encouraged to sign up to our CLEO Speakers Network.

CLEO will also be reaching out to PTA’s in the schools where the climate lectures are being done to provide the PTA with a Climate 101 for adults.

For PTA’s that would like to request a climate lecture, please contact nortiz@cleoinstitute.org.

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The CLEO Speakers Network (CSN) pairs students with an expert that will coach them to become effective climate speakers. With CLEO’s presentation slides, students will be able to provide Climate 101 Lectures to their schools and community. In addition, students are encouraged to:

  • Advocate for a CLEO Ambassador Chair to be implemented inside their school’s student government/ council

  • Join CLEO’s Advocacy Network to form connections with fellow local youth

  • Join the Climate Leadership Information Program (CLIP) in their school


Founded by Nicole Gazo, a student at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, we will be launching the Climate Leadership Information Program (CLIP).  Mirrored after the Health Information Project (HIP), CSN certified 11th & 12th graders will teach their younger peers about the science of climate change, the impacts, and solutions.  This peer-to-peer program fosters an effective, ongoing conversation around global warming, driven by young climate champions of Miami-Dade.


  • CLEO to identify teacher(s) in each school who will sponsor CLIP. 

  • CLEO will hold a Climate 101 lecture in identified schools to enroll students into CSN.

  • Certified CSN 11th & 12th graders are eligible to participate in CLIP. CLIP Teacher sponsor to form part of the certification of CSN and choose 5-7 students who will form the CLIP Board.

  • CLIP Board to coordinate peer-to-peer lectures (min. of 2 per year, ideally 1 every 9 weeks). 

  • CLIP student provides climate lectures to 9th and 10th graders.

  • CLIP students will be in charge of coordinating a campus-wide climate education campaign that will include a special event for Earth day and a parent night climate lecture. 

  • Students enrolled in CLIP are encouraged to involve environmental clubs in their school (if applicable) in these initiatives.

 If you would like to sponsor a CLIP program in your school, please contact nortiz@cleoinstitute.org.