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Paul Hawken

Paul Hawken for his book Drawdown- Writer and editor of the most comprehensive book ever written to reverse global warming. Project Drawdown is a unique coalition of researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and activists who researched, assembled, and modeled the best available information on solutions to global warming. The goal is to describe the beneficial financial, social and environmental impact of existing solutions that can be scaled over the next thirty years. This book not only shows the path to a sustainable future, but provides hope for a very difficult problem.

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The Miami Herald, WLRN, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and Palm Beach Post. This unprecedented collaboration has reshaped the way media reports on climate change. In addition to helping educate the public on the realities of climate change, and how it is impacting our community, it is also highlighting what our elected officials are doing. With all the misinformation that is currently out there, this collaboration is not only welcomed by CLEO and the science community, but we consider it a vital part of building climate literacy and climate action in the community, because when people are educated, they become more resilient and empowered.

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Saltwater Brewery Company

Saltwater Brewery Company for their Eco 6-Pack Rings for Sea Turtles-This microbrewery company saw a problem and took steps to invent an ingenious solution. This revolutionary product reduces the plastic that is ending up in our oceans, is biodegradable, and can be used as food for the sea turtles. Plastic is made from fossil fuels, and is a product of the oil and gas industry. By eliminating the plastic rings, Saltwater Brewery is providing a solution that lowers their carbon footprint. This shows that when there is will, there is a way. This small local business has shown the beverage industry how a circular economy approach to problems can put us on a path towards a more sustainable future.