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The CLEO Institute initiated our Circle of Change Awards to honor individuals whose initiatives are paving the way for innovative solutions to mitigate climate change. This year, The CLEO Institute board and staff voted unanimously to give this award even deeper meaning by renaming the award after our most influential founding advisor and donor, and our very first Board President, Dr. Lynn Leverett.  A champion of change herself, Dr. Leverett has been with CLEO from the very beginning, supporting our cause to bring climate literacy, advocacy, and engagement to all sectors of society.  A lifelong environmentalist who believes in the power of the individual, she has been instrumental in shaping CLEO’s mission and has been a pivotal nine-year member of the CLEO board, serving for four years as board president.  It is with great privilege that we honor Dr. Leverett’s significant contribution to CLEO by naming our most prestigious award after her lifelong dedication to climate advocacy.  This year’s recipient of THE F. LYNN LEVERETT M.D. CIRCLE OF CHANGE AWARD is Ellen Bowen from Food Rescue US

2019 CLEO Leadership Circle Inductees


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Our Annual Celebration is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. We invite scientists, our board of directors, elected officials, partner organizations, donors and members of the community to help celebrate CLEO’s programs, our impacts in the community, and our vision for a just and resilient future. This year alone, we have trained over 2,500 people on the most current vetted climate science, how it is impacting our daily lives, and the solutions we need to be taking as individuals as well as a community. All proceeds help fund our 2020 programs! All donations are tax-deductible.