What We Stand For

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Our Mission: To educate and promote an informed and engaged public that supports climate action locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

Our Vision: A world in which all people, governments, and organizations are informed, engaged, and taking action on critical climate issues.

Our Purpose: To empower communities across all levels of society with climate science education and demand climate policies from our elected leaders. We highlight the urgency of climate action, while championing solutions for a resilient future.


Caroline Lewis

Our Founder

Caroline founded CLEO in 2010 recognizing the need to address climate literacy by breaking down scientific data and educating communities at a grassroots level. Caroline framed CLEO’s programs to effectively reach diverse audiences, from concerned residents to elected officials.

In 2018 Caroline was recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 31 most influential people in the South. She was also one of twelve individuals nationally recognized as a White House Climate Resilience Champion of Change in 2013. She also joined 100 women leaders at the White House Leadership Summit on Women, Climate and Energy, co-hosted by the U.S. Dept. of Energy in 2013, and was appointed 1 of 11 environmental education professionals to the EPA’s National Environmental Education Advisory Council in 2012.



In 2010 Caroline Lewis, a science teacher and high school principal, responded to a need tasked by scientists: AMPLIFY The Climate Change Conversation

With a mission to advance climate literacy and civic engagement by developing transformative initiatives that can be scaled and replicated.

Innovate - Educate - Celebrate

CLEO’s First Major Project

Three Phases

  1. Answer the Question - What’s climate change all about, and what’s my role?

    Here is Dr. Michael E. Mann answering the question.

  2. Train to be a Climate Speaker -  engage others

  3. CLEO’s Youth Task Force


CLEO Youth Task Force

CLEO engaged with our youth and formed a task force to advance climate literacy in their schools and within their community. Overtime students created CLEO Councils in schools, Earth Day events, PSA competitions to engage wider audiences.

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Film Screenings & Panel Discussions

The beautiful Pinecrest Gardens was CLEO’s home for many years. Understanding the power of documentaries, which brings the visual impacts of climate change that are happening around the world, CLEO hosted numerous film screenings and panel discussions at the Banyan Bowl. Our panels were always inter-generational and interdisciplinary.

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Empowering Capable Climate Communicators

Our first ECCC was initiated by Dr. Wanless, who was one of CLEO’s first board members, at the University of Miami. It was initially a 4 day event dedicated to science with Dr. Wanless, and the power of becoming a climate speaker with Caroline.

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CLEO’s Community Partners

CLEO has partnered with many organizations throughout the years, but our first official partner was Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in 2012.