ERW 3: We Act

On Thursday, August 29, CLEO hosted its third workshop in the second Allapattah edition of its 2019 Empowering Resilient Women program.

Held at the Allapattah Branch Library, the workshop was titled “We ACT” and taught attendees about civic engagement.

The workshop started with a 10 minute Climate 101 recap where the science, impacts and solutions of climate change were briefly covered. It was presented in Spanish by Natalie Rivas, CLEO’s Program Manager.

Susana from Urban Impact Lab did an excellent job facilitating a 30-minute segment where attendees learned about their local government and how it works at the city level. She discussed the importance of attending local government meetings like town halls and budget meetings as well as the importance of voting.

The last 15 minutes of the workshop were dedicated to Florida Immigrant Coalition’s, Thomas Kennedy and Laura Munoz. They discussed FLIC services, community organizing and civic engagement programs. Additionally, they reminded attendees that the 2020 Census is around the corner and why its important that everyone complete it and be counted.

Nyame Nti Nsibienakou-Fawohodie from Miami’s Office of Resilience was also in attendance and shared flyers to their upcoming Climate Ready Miami Neighborhood Workshop meetings.

We’d like to thank all of our facilitators, attendees, and the Allapattah Library. We look forward to seeing you at our fourth and final workshop at the same location on September 12!