Youth in Miami Lead School Strike to Protest Inaction over Climate Change

On Friday, September 20, more than 500 students, teachers, and community members participated in a global climate strike at Miami Beach City Hall to raise awareness of the climate crisis, protest government inaction, and demand a renewable energy transition.

This strike was held in collaboration between The CLEO Institute and fifteen organizations across South Florida. The entire CLEO staff was present at this event.

Over the last three months, the organizing students participated in climate literacy seminars, received media training to improve their public speaking skills, and traveled to other states to meet with youth leaders, all in preparation for this strike. 

The strike started with distributing shirts and bandanas to attendees, donated by The CLEO Institute and We March On coalition. Following this, more than thirteen middle school, high school, and university students led chants and speeches to the crowd, with the youngest speaker attending sixth grade.  

In addition, several students from GenCLEO were invited to speak at the City of Miami Beach Finance and Citywide Projects meeting. They spoke about the urgency of the climate crisis, why it matters to them, and why it is necessary for youth to have the support of elected officials. View a clip from the meeting here.

Attendees were encouraged to learn about CLEO’s programs and speak to the media in attendance about their motivations for attending the strike. The CLEO Institute also donated four gift cards to a local zero waste store for the most creative signs at the strike. Lastly, attendees enjoyed vegan ice cream donated by Nabati.

The CLEO Institute would like to thank all collaborating organizations and participating schools for supporting the youth in this climate strike.

Find out more about the GenCLEO youth advocacy group here.

2019, Q3, AdvocacyNatalia Ortiz