CLEO educates Superhero Leadership Academy interns

On Thursday, July 25, The CLEO Institute was invited to give a climate lecture to a group of fifteen high school and college students that were interning through Superhero Leadership Academy. Julieta Rodrigo, CLEO’s Program Coordinator, led the students through a two-hour comprehensive overview of the climate crisis and how it affects communities in South Florida and around the world.

The first part of the session was a 25-minute lecture that covered the science, seriousness, and solutions of climate change. Topics discussed included the difference between melting land ice and sea ice, the sources and dangers of heat-trapping gases, and the importance of sustainable land use.

The students were particularly interested in exploring the issue of climate gentrification in South Florida. To explain the dynamics behind climate gentrification, Julieta guided the students in analyzing elevation maps and connecting the dots between sea level rise and climate gentrification in areas like Wynwood and Allapattah.

Lastly, the students received a Civics 101 lesson that covered the roles of municipal governments, as well as the duties of city and county commissioners. The students wrote letters to their commissioners explaining their concerns as they related to climate change. Some students wrote about the lack of reliable public transportation in their neighborhoods, while others wrote about their concern for extreme heat as it related to their sports practices.

The CLEO Institute would like to thank Nalisa Saati and Superhero Leadership Academy for extending the invitation to educate these students on the topic of climate change.