CLEO attends "Common Ground in a Changing Climate" discussion

The Common Ground in a Changing Climate discussion took place on September 18 at the Biscayne Bay Nature Center. This discussion was rooted in science, team collaboration and strategic partnerships and highlighted the importance of climate action and resiliency in Florida. 

Natalie Rivas, CLEO’s Program Manager, was invited as a panelist to discuss positive actions that can be spearheaded at individual, local, state and federal levels.

In her presentation, Natalie discussed the importance of proper disposal of things like refrigerators, due to the heat trapping nature of the most active ingredient in their refrigerant. She also discussed the BE 305 as part of the Resilient 305 strategy. The Building Efficiency 305 program focuses on improving water and energy efficiencies in Miami’s largest buildings. There were about 40 people in attendance and many of them asked engaging and critical questions in the closing Q and A session.

The CLEO Institute would like to thank the Biscayne Bay Nature Center and the fellow panelists for this wonderful opportunity to engage and inspire the community.

2019, Q3Natalia Ortiz