ERW 4: We Lead

On Thursday, September 12, CLEO hosted its fourth and final workshop in the second Allapattah edition of its 2019 Empowering Resilient Women program.

Held at the Allapattah Branch Library, the workshop was titled “We Lead” and taught attendees how to use mindfulness as a leadership tool.

The workshop started with a 10-minute Climate Crisis 101 recap where the science, impacts and solutions of climate change were briefly covered. It was presented in Spanish and English by Natalie Rivas, CLEO’s Program Manager.

Afterwards, Natalia Vasquez led an engaging and impactful mindfulness session. Natalia is a visual artist and yoga guide who unites restful and meditative self-awareness practices by using breathing as a bridge to one’s own intuition. Natalia discussed that practicing mindfulness can help community leaders make better decisions in trying moments and access patience, understanding and compassion. Natalia drew comparisons of our outer world and our inner world, stating that they are a reflection of one another. In order to take care of our planet in a long term and sustainable way, one must also possess the ability to foster inner emotional and mental balance. Natalia led the attendees through several breath workshops, including stomach and heart breathing. The participants stated that these exercises helped them feel calm, centered, and light.

We’d like to thank Natalia for an unforgettable ending to our last Empowering Resilient Women Workshop. The CLEO Institute values the emotional and mental balance that fosters effective leadership in the face of hardships, like those experienced in the climate crisis.  Natalia is the owner of Heart and Brain Studio in Allapattah.

The CLEO Institute would also like to thank all of the incredible participants who came to the workshop series and made it a great learning experience. Lastly, CLEO would like to the Allapattah Branch library and its staff for being so generous, accommodating, and warm. That’s it for ERW this year. Until next year!

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