Climate and Hurricane Preparedness Talk in Little River

With hurricane season well underway, The CLEO Institute spearheaded a hurricane preparedness discussion in the Little River/West Little River neighborhood as part of a Miami-Dade County grant. On Thursday, September 5, CLEO held its second Climate and Hurricane Preparedness Talk. The workshop was facilitated by Natalie Rivas, CLEO’s Program Manager, and Julieta Rodrigo, CLEO’s Program Coordinator. 

It began with a 30-minute Climate 101, where Natalie explained the science, impacts and solutions of the climate crisis. She highlighted impacts local to Miami like the threat of increased storm surge, sea level rise and salt water intrusion. Julieta followed with a detailed 20-minute hurricane preparedness component, expanding on what kind of items make a complete hurricane kit and what county and community resources are available to residents. She covered the importance of having a family communication plan and knowing your local evacuation centers and community action centers.

Afterwards, the attendees completed a survey giving feedback on what they learned. All attendees enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal from Publix and received a solar puff, a CLEO grocery tote bag, a reusable water bottle as well as a hurricane prep checklist and more resources provided by Catalyst Miami.

The CLEO Institute would like to thank North Central Library and their staff for being so welcoming and the attendees for being so engaged and asking great questions. Some questions posed covered what services the county provides pre- and post-natural disasters and how to best utilize solar puffs. Don’t miss our last Climate Talk: Hurricane Preparedness at Arcola Lakes Branch Library  on September 19, 2019 at 5:30 pm.