Climate Change 101 Presentation at Lebanon Seventh Day Adventist Church

On Saturday, August 3, CLEO presented a Climate Change 101 at the Lebanon Seventh Day Adventist Church in Allapattah. Olivia Collins, CLEO’s Director of Programs, led the presentation and provided a general overview of global warming, the main impacts in South Florida and opportunities and solutions that are immediately available to us.

The crowd was very engaged and asked questions about electric vehicles and public transportation; recycling and how the church could reduce its carbon footprint; as well as air conditioning units and weatherization programs for the home. We also discussed the Empowering Resilient Women program and the importance of being prepared for hurricane season. Many of the participants expressed interest in attending the workshop on August 15.

CLEO would like to thank Pastor Lindsey for inviting us to give this talk. We met her several months ago when we were conducting outreach for the Empowering Resilient Women program in Allapattah. We plan on continuing our relationship with the church and collaborating again in the future.