CLEO collaborates in STEM Saturday event

On Saturday, August 17, the CLEO Institute collaborated with Dibia Dream for their STEM Saturday event.

Dibia Dream is an organization that fosters life skills development through STEM and recreational education for under-served youth in Miami and New Orleans. Their StEM Saturdays initiative transforms community centers into “Incubators of Excellence” by engaging youth ages 7-16 in STEM activities on the weekends at no cost to participants and their families.

Olivia Collins, CLEO’s Director of Programs, helped the other volunteers set up and run the activities. Students designed a model of sea level rise to understand what causes SLR, as well as learn the difference between land ice melt and sea ice melt. Students also learned about the impacts of hurricanes on our coastal communities, and what protections are used to adapt, such as vegetation and sea walls.

The CLEO would like to thank Kilan Bishop, a volunteer for Dibia Dream, for extending the invitation.

Natalia Ortiz