CSN Close Out Celebration!

On Tuesday, July 30, we celebrated the graduates who successfully completed the CLEO Speakers Network at the Center 4 Social Change. Caroline Lewis, the founder of The CLEO Institute, as well as Yoca Arditi-Rocha, the Executive Director, joined the celebration and congratulated the speakers for their achievement. Fernando Migliassi, an Eco-Entrepreneu and CSN graduate from a previous cohort, also attended the celebration and highlighted how the program has benefited him.

The celebration featured a round table discussion about what the speakers learned and what they will do next. They discussed the importance of learning about the link between human activities and the drivers of climate change. The speakers are committed to encouraging those in their circles of influence to align their actions with what they say. They are enthusiastic to continue learning about the intersections of climate change and finance, health, religion, politics, energy consumption and more. The emotional and mental health impacts of climate change were also discussed. The certified speakers are excited to share solutions with their families, friends, colleagues, associations and organizations about what people can do to be more resilient in the face of intensified climate change impacts.

We’d like to thank all the certified speakers who participated in the program!  We look forward to the conversations they will promote in their communities.

2019, Q3Natalia Ortiz