ERW 1: We Learn

On Thursday, August 1, CLEO hosted its first workshop in the second Allapattah edition of its 2019 Empowering Resilient Women program. There were 30+ people were in attendance.

Held at the Allapattah Branch Library, the workshop was titled “We LEARN” and taught participants the basics of human-enhanced climate change, its impacts in our daily lives and what solutions can be practiced today.

The workshop started with a 45 minute Climate 101 presented in Spanish by Natalie Rivas, CLEO’s Program Manager. It was followed by a 20 minute presentation from Dr. Armen Henderson, one of the founders of the Dade County Street Response Disaster Relief Team, a team of doctors and medical students who provide medical care at local resilience hubs following natural disasters.

The workshop concluded with a meditation exercise facilitated by Shante Haymore-Kearny, Education and Outreach Specialist at Kristi House, who helped participants visualize a safe, healthy and balanced world. The focus of this exercise was to emphasize mental health in the face of climate change impacts.

In the Question and Answer segment, women shared the changes they have seen in their local environments including increased amounts of garbage in their neighborhoods and witnessing erratic behavior of birds during a heat wave.

The next ERW Workshop will take place on August 15 at the same location. The workshop will cover hurricane preparedness with a focus on financial preparedness. Sign up here!