ERW 2: We Prepare

On Thursday, August 15, CLEO hosted its second workshop in the second Allapattah edition of its 2019 Empowering Resilient Women program.

Held at the Allapattah Branch Library, the workshop was titled “We PREPARE” and taught attendees how to prepare for the impacts of intensified hurricanes with a focus on financial preparedness.

The workshop started with a 10 minute Climate 101 recap of the first workshop. It was presented in Spanish by Natalie Rivas, CLEO’s Program Manager. Afterwards, Maria Gaitan from Consolidated Credit Solutions discussed the basics of financial preparedness for 20 minutes . She shared budgeting and financial literacy tools and resources with all participants.

Olivia Collins, the Director of Programs, concluded with a 15 minutes Hurricane Preparedness session. She discussed what county resources are available to residents including shelter information, weatherization programs, Emergency Action and Evacuation plans and more. She emphasized what items make a hurricane kit and how much they are.

Lastly, Erica Deetjen from the U.S Census Bureau, closed out the program informing all attendees about the upcoming census in 2020 and why completing it is important.

We’d like to thank all of our facilitators, attendees, and the Allapattah Library. We look forward to seeing you at our third workshop at the same location on August 29.

Natalia Ortiz