Climate Design Lab Awards Ceremony

On Friday, July 19, the students of the Climate Design Lab presented their design proposals to solve climate-related problems in several communities. The groups focused on four particular communities in South Florida: West Kendall, the area around Booker T. Washington High School, Hialeah, and Miami Gardens. The panel of jurors was comprised of professionals with backgrounds in environmental science, government, and architecture.

The locations were relevant to the students as each group had a student that either lived or went to school in that neighborhood. With leadership from the University of Miami, each team was tasked with using design thinking methods to develop a proposal for their selected neighborhood that encompassed its full life—built, cultural, economic, natural, policy, social—and responded to the conditions of present concern as well as future projections.

These design projects were then presented to a panel of jurors with backgrounds in environmental science, government, and architecture. The teams were awarded recognitions to highlight the strengths of their presentations in one of the four categories: Integrated Understanding of People and Place; Engaged Process; Communication; and Implementation Planning. The presentations will later be featured at the 2019 Keeping Current exhibition.

Congratulations to the 2019 Climate Design Lab graduates! The CLEO Institute would like to thank the Van Alen Institute and the University of Miami for a successful awards ceremony.

2019, Q3Natalia Ortiz