CLEO Speakers Network Second Certification

On Tuesday, July 16th, five students from Cohort 2 received their certifications from the CLEO Speaker’s Network. This event represented the culmination of a three-part series - training, feedback and presentation. Following an in-person climate 101 training and a virtual meetup, the students were asked to give a climate presentation of their own before graduating from the program. The speakers successfully discussed the science, urgency and proposed solutions to the climate emergency. Speakers connected the dots of climate change to immigration, ethical consumption and how local government employees can highlight the climate crisis in the workplace.

CLEO would like to congratulate the three speakers who received certifications:

  • Lisa Merkle, Co-Founder and ED of BoxGreens

  • Erin Siegel, Jewelry Designer

  • Cintia Elenstar, Sustainability Consultant

  • Niki Vlastara, Ethics of Consumption Expert

  • Stephanie Severino, Director of Communications for City of Miami

The final cohort of 2019 will run from September through October. Registration opens August 1st, 2019. Dates and Program outline here


Our goal is to grow the CLEO Speakers Network program and make sure that we amplify all of your voices and give you the tools you need to help communicate the climate change message in your community. We intend to work with all of you to ensure that you get certified.

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