GenCLEO Meet Up

On Tuesday, June 18, thirty students (and a few professors) gathered at the Center for Social Change for a GenCLEO meeting. Led by Caroline Lewis, CLEO’s founder, the students learned the impacts of climate change on the Earth’s atmosphere and the environment, as well as how to connect the dots of the climate crisis, such as how climate change is linked to loss of biodiversity, national security issues, economic challenges, and more.

To prepare them for future talks with elected officials, Julieta Rodrigo, CLEO’s Program Coordinator, guided a discussion about tangible requests they can ask for, including increased climate education in schools, sustainable standards for new construction, more trees in underserved areas, and 100% renewable energy goals.

To close the session, Yoca-Arditi Rocha, CLEO’s Executive Director, mentored the students for an upcoming meeting with an elected official. Students learned about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved in climate action, including a youth summit and a global climate strike on September 20.

2019Natalia Ortiz