Launch of CLEO Speaker's Network 2019 Summer Cohort

On Tuesday, June 11, more than 20 individuals attended the launch of the second cohort of the 2019 CLEO Speaker’s Network at the Center for Social Change. This summer cohort featured people from all ages and included a wide variety of careers including a nurse practitioner, hospitality business owner, city government official, and students. A fully vegetarian dinner was served.

After a brief program introduction by Olivia Collins, CLEO’s Director of Programs, the session officially launched with the formal climate training. Natalie Rivas, the CSN coach and CLEO’s new Program Manager, led students through a two-hour-long training that covered the causes and effects of climate change, as well as tangible solutions.

The students were very engaged and asked many questions about how to tailor the climate message to diverse audiences as well as how to find sources for climate information.

Over the next six weeks, participants will receive further climate training as well as create their own presentations on a climate change topic. Students who complete the curriculum will join the CLEO Speakers Network and have the opportunity to lead sessions in their communities.