Global Ties Panel on Sustainable Cities

On Thursday, May 23, Global Ties Miami invited the CLEO Institute and the Miami Climate Alliance to speak to thirty international Global Ties members and professionals who were visiting Miami from around the world. These professionals traveled to cities across the U.S. to find out what each city is working on to integrate sustainable practices, grassroots and community building efforts through the work of non-profits, institutions and government. 

Claudia Sebastiani, CLEO’s Program Manager, attended on behalf of the CLEO Institute to talk about CLEO's mission and collaborative work with the private and public sectors in order to tackle the climate crisis from all possible angles. She discussed how CLEO is constantly aiming to create new initiatives and programs to promote climate literacy and urge people to take action through community building and stakeholder partnerships. 

The platform of the panel was informal but informative and engaging. Members of Global Ties shared their thoughts on the climate movement in the U.S. compared to their countries. They all agreed community building and civic engagement is playing a big part in the climate movement moving forward. 

2019, Q2Natalia Ortiz