Climate Talks workshop launches in Little Havana

On Wednesday, May 22, CLEO launched its first Climate Talks workshop of 2019 in Little Havana. More than 45 people were in attendance.

The event was hosted at the Hispanic Branch Library of Miami Dade County with the aim to inform residents on the impacts of climate change to their health and quality of life and what they can do to be an engaged participant in the mitigation and adaptation of their community. Because hurricane season begins on June 1, we also included emergency preparedness as a main component to the workshop in order to help residents connect the dots on climate change and hurricanes and delve deeper into the human factor and social aspects to the climate crisis they are already experiencing.

The workshop started with a welcome to the Hispanic Library by Rubén Gomez, followed by a presentation on “what is climate change and how is affecting you?” presented in Spanish by CLEO’s Program Manager, Claudia Sebastiani. Following this, Olivia Collins, CLEO’s Director of Programs, gave a presentation on Emergency Preparedness, which was presented in English with Spanish translation. This presentation provided instructions on signing up for weather alerts from the county; what items to include in a hurricane kit; how to find out your home’s storm surge evacuation zone and vulnerability to storm surge; understanding evacuations shelters; and how to create a safe evacuation plan for individuals with mobility or other medical needs, followed by a short Q&A.

Residents were interested in learning more of the science of heat trapping gases and what our local government is doing to help communities in need. They were also motivated to start collecting the necessary supplies before the start of hurricane season. To help with the financial burden of this task, participants received a free kit which included an innovative portable solar-powered lamp, a stainless-steel water bottle, a reusable CLEO bag.  We also raffled CLEO t-shirts.

The next workshop will take place on June 6th at the Miami Dade College Interamerican Campus in collaboration with the Department of Earth and Ethics and community liaisons Living Healthy Little Havana. If you missed the first one, please join us in June!