ERW Workshop 2: We Prepare

On Thursday, May 16, CLEO hosted its second workshop in the Overtown edition of its 2019 Empowering Resilient Women program.  More than 20 people were in attendance.

Held at the YWCA, the workshop was titled “We Prepare” and taught participants how to prepare for extreme weather events, such as heat waves and hurricanes.  

After a brief Climate 101 recap by Claudia Sebastiani, CLEO’s Program Manager, the workshop started with a presentation by Anitrice Joy McKinnis-Jackson, community activist and founder of the non-profit Nana Restart. She shared her own experiences of helping her community during hurricane season and throughout the year, and urged attendees to reach out to their neighbors before and after a hurricane strikes.

Following this segment, Vaughan Johnson, Community Prosperity Manager at Catalyst Miami, taught attendees basic personal finance and how to better prepare their household budget ahead of extreme weather events. His talk also covered the importance of having a good credit score and the resources available to individuals with poor or new credit.  These programs are free to the community.

In order to reduce the economic impact of disaster preparedness, attendees learned budget-friendly tips from Bereatha Howard, community activist and climate change advocate.

To close the program, Olivia Collins, CLEO’s Director of Programs, provided a brief overview of the emergency preparedness services offered by Miami-Dade County. She provided instructions on signing up for weather alerts from the county, how to find out your home’s evacuation zone and vulnerability to storm surge, and how to create a safe evacuation plan for individuals with mobility or other medical needs. 

The women asked questions about contacting commissioners and increase the power of their voices. They were motivated to start collecting the necessary supplies before the start of hurricane season. To help with the financial burden of this task, participants received a free starter supply kit which included first aid supplies, a flashlight, masks, a stainless steel water bottle, hand sanitizer, a manual can opener, and informative literature. Participants who attend the following two workshops will also receive a solar puff and t-shirt, in addition to being entered in a raffle for items like hand-cranked radios, battery-powered fans and collapsible water jugs. 

The next workshop in the series will take place on May 30 and will cover the topic of civic engagement.