CLEO and Bea Johnson Zero Waste Event

On Tuesday, February 5, more than 70 people attended an educational talk at the Center for Social Change. The talk featured Bea Johnson, bestselling author and founder of the Zero Waste Home.  This event was a partnership between the CLEO Institute and Verde Market, a plastic-free store located in Wynwood.

The aim of the event was to spread awareness of the link between single-use plastic consumption and climate change, as well as provide actionable ways to reduce waste in daily life.

Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director at the CLEO Institute, opened the session with a presentation that explained the causes of climate change, the impacts and solutions.

Subsequently, Bea Johnson shared funny anecdotes about her struggles and successes in her zero waste journey. She emphasized that regular people can live a zero waste lifestyle by implementing smart and tangible changes into their habits, a timely message in an era when some view going green as an inconvenience. She taught the 5 R’s: Refuse (say no to things you don’t need), Reduce (reevaluate what you want versus what you need), Reuse (switch to reusable items instead of single-use), Recycle and Rot (composting). 

Following the talk, Bea Johnson signed copies of her book. Participants were invited to learn about local environmental organizations including Debris Free Oceans and Back2Earth as well as enjoy zero-waste refreshments, courtesy of Verde Market.