CLEO promotes climate resilience in Little Haiti

On Saturday, September 14, The CLEO Institute, in collaboration with APT Group and the University of Miami, hosted a working meeting to discuss climate resilience in Little Haiti. The workshop was a chance for the community to learn about the work being done by the aforementioned groups.

Homeowners and contractors were provided resources in two main categories. The first category was an tool to perform an inventory/self-assessment of their home, with a checklist to analyze if their homes were climate-ready and resilient. The second category of resources was a manual for homeowners which showed the four types of homes that exist in Little Haiti and how homeowners could make the outside of the home (such as roofs and drainage) be better prepared for extreme weather events.

The attendees provided input on the resources. APT, CLEO, and UM will now use this feedback to revise these tools and resources and present them to the public in November 2019.

2019, Q4Natalia Ortiz