Climate Leadership Trainings


At CLEO, we provide Climate Leadership Trainings for all who want to be educated, engaged, and able to communicate on the issue of climate change. 

Scientists, educators, and communicators lead these workshops. The essential and advanced trainings also assist participants in preparing for and hosting or co-hosting their own forums.

 Introductory Climate Leadership Trainings (ICLT)

gardenclub2014These entry level trainings range from 1 - 4 hours and are designed for individuals who are new to climate and are looking to learn more about the basic climate science, including greenhouse gases and the carbon cycle. They are designed to be a first step and can be customized to time availability and/or level of climate science knowledge. Sessions open to the public are offered periodically throughout the year for anyone looking to move forward on their journey towards climate literacy. 

The ICLT trainings are the most versatile of any of the workshops and can be tailored to meet any business or organization's needs.

To date, ICLTs have been provided for municipalities, rotary clubs, garden clubs, young professional groups, homeowners associations, cultural institutions, and more. 

For more information on scheduling an ICLT for your business or organization, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Essential Climate Leadership Trainings (ECLT)

jan11 group photoThese interactive full-day trainings are designed for individuals who are interested in learning the basic science of climate change, current efforts toward resilience, promising solutions, and how to effectively communicate on these topics. These trainings are usually 7 hours and include lectures from CLEO climate experts and a lunch hour panel of professionals in academia, research, media and other impacted fields. In addition, ECLTs include hands-on activities that help to synthesize the information and also offer time to create solution-oriented action plans. 

ECLTs are offered throughout the year to the general public and special interest groups such as elected leders, county and city employees, health professionals, teachers, students, media professionals, and more. 

For more information on scheduling an ECLT for your business or organization, click here.

Advanced Climate Leadership Trainings (ACLT)

ACLT HalIn conjunction with the University of Miami's Department of Geological Sciences, CLEO offers the two-part Advanced Climate Leadership Training series: Empowering Capable Climate Communicators. These sessions are offered once yearly on two consecutive Saturdays in February. Trainees gain an understanding from leading climate scientists of the causes, reality, severity, and impacts of human-induced climate change; learn what must be done to mitigate, adapt to, and work toward reversing the adverse effects of human-induced climate change; and learn from leading climate communicators so they can begin to communicate this important subject accurately and honestly to others.

While not required, it is strongly recommended that those interested in the ACLT, first attend an ICLT or ECLT. The ACLT is comparable to a graduate-level climate science course. 

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