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OBJECTIVE: To create an informed and engaged public, better poised to make personal changes and support climate resilience locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) - The Scientific consensus is that global warming is happening and largely caused by humans. Click here for a AGW fact sheet with statements from various organizations on the role of humans in Climate Change. (For an older version with additional statements, click here)

Imagine hundreds of thousands of us responding in writing, in person or by video to the CLEO question, "What is climate change all about, and what's my role?". CLEO is designed to celebrate participants, individually and in groups, who find and share their voices in this global conversation.

CLEO allows for meaningful social learning around the topic of climate change, providing rich web resources and coordinating voluntary science cafes, movie nights, forums, workshops, communication contests, eco-art showcases, etc.

Initiated in South Florida and online. To date, CLEO participants include individuals and groups from areas throughout Florida, and from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Canada and Germany. Over time, and as strategic partners are identified, we expect CLEO will be replicated in cities around the nation and globally.

CLEO is inclusive and celebratory, facilitating open-ended learning on the issue of climate change. CLEO casts a wide net, turns the question over to the individual, provides resources and opportunities to learn more, and celebrates participation at every level.

In this phase, participants sign up as individuals or as part of a team and prepare a personal response to the project question: "What is climate change all about, and what's my role?" Responses should be creative, impactful and succinct - preferably no more than three pages written or three minutes videotaped. CLEO evaluates, celebrates and showcases responses.

Here, participants ready to become climate scholars and communicators, attend scheduled CLEO Climate Leadership training workshops, led by scientists, educators, and communicators. The basic and advanced trainings also assist participants in preparing for and hosting or co-hosting their own forums, small or large, formal or informal.
Trainees become part of the CLEO Speakers Network, sharing opportunities and resources. They may also become facilitators of Introductory or Basic Training sessions. Trainings educate and empower individuals and use research-based approaches to explain climate science, solutions, and communication strategies. Designed for both general and specific audiences, they include:

  • INTRODUCTORY TRAININGS: These 1-2 hour sessions deliver a solid overview
  • ESSENTIAL 1-DAY TRAININGS: These sessions are richly designed to educate and empower
  • ADVANCED 2-DAY TRAININGS: These sessions offer comprehensive analysis

These engagement opportunities buttress Phases I and II and help broaden the conversation. They include:

  1. College-wide interdepartmental climate forums
  2. Film screenings and panel discussions
  3. Town halls and workshops
  4. Science cafes, showcases, and debates
  5. Contests for creative bumper stickers, tweets, posters, and PSAs

Our mission: To promote an informed and engaged public, better poised to become involved and make changes to support climate resilience locally, regionally, nationally, and globally 

Our vision: A world in which all people, communities, governments, businesses, and organizations are well informed, engaged, and taking action on crticial and environmental issues 


The science is clear: Our rate of carbon pollution is significantly affecting Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and climate. Among many other impacts, these changes ultimately impact food and water supplies, biodiversity, and our oceans. By all accounts, we cannot even visualize the future we are creating for humanity and life on earth. To prevent the worst of the projected calamities from occurring, we must act now to build resilience and readiness in all aspects of our communities. This includes tough decisions like changing the way we generate and use energy and investments in our essential infrastructure. Since some initiatives will be costly in the short run, widespread public support is required if they are to occur in the timeframes needed. Ultimately, we each have a role, and we must identify and embrace these roles.


The CLEO Institute recognizes climate change as THE defining environmental issue of our time. Thus,CLEO’s goal is to create an informed and engaged public that is better willing to make personal changes and support climate resilience efforts locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We educate individuals, schools, businesses, community organizations, and governments to better understand the science of climate change, the dangers and significant disruptions that climate change imposes, and promising efforts and solutions that need public support.

And, although organizations and government agencies have developed formal curricula on the issue, there are many segments of society that are either unwilling or unable to access this information. Thus, there must be an alternative form from which the public can be educated and engaged on the issue, and CLEO is doing just that. Through varied activities, events, and trainings CLEO promotes combinations of structured, interactive, open-ended, and social learning opportunities. We establish numerous entry points for the public to participate voluntarily and applaud their participation at every level. Our work encourages diverse interdisciplinary audiences to engage in being a part of the conversation and the solution. 


Our Climate Leadership Engagement Opportunities:

  • Bring together scientists and students, as well as elected, business and community leaders, and the public at large, to promote a climate ready future. 
  • Offer formal and informal trainings, events, and forums to bridge the divide between science and society on this urgent issue. 
  • Drive the issue across boundaries: from classrooms and town halls to the halls of Congress. Climate change is a challenge that requires commitment, creativity and ingenuity – from all of us.
  • Provide our leaders the needed support of a well-informed public. Tackling climate change means addressing it at every level and in all communities.


Dates TBD for Fall 2014

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